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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2017Dynamic Race Detection for C++11Lidbury, C; Donaldson, AF
30-Jun-2010Replication and Abstraction: Symmetry in Automated Formal Verification.Wahl, T; Donaldson, AF
30-Nov-2005Spin-to-Grape: A Tool for Analysing Symmetry in Promela Models.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A; Calder, M
30-Sep-2006Symmetry in temporal logic model checking.Miller, A; Donaldson, AF; Calder, M
31-Dec-2011Symmetry-Aware Predicate Abstraction for Shared-Variable Concurrent Programs (Extended Technical Report)Donaldson, AF; Kaiser, A; Kroening, D; Wahl, T
31-Dec-2005Etch: An Enhanced Type Checking Tool for Promela.Donaldson, AF; Gay, SJ
31-Dec-2006Exact and Approximate Strategies for Symmetry Reduction in Model Checking.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A
31-Dec-2005Automatic Symmetry Detection for Model Checking Using Computational Group Theory.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A
31-Dec-2006Symmetry Reduction for Probabilistic Model Checking Using Generic Representatives.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A
1-Dec-2011Static analysis of device drivers: we can do better!Amani, S; Ryzhyk, L; Donaldson, AF; Heiser, G; Legg, A, et al