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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2017Timed runtime monitoring for multiparty conversationNeykova, R; Bocchi, L; Yoshida, N
22-Apr-2017On the undecidability of asynchronous session subtypingLange, J; Yoshida, N
24-Dec-2016Characteristic bisimulation for higher-order session processesKouzapas, D; Perez, JA; Yoshida, N
8-Apr-2016Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, EPTCS: PrefaceOrchard, D; Yoshida, N
7-Feb-2015Session typing and asynchronous subtyping for the higher-order π-calculusYoshida, N; Mostrous, D
15-Apr-2015Reversible Session-Based Pi-CalculusTiezzi, F; Yoshida, N
30-Dec-2014Globally governed session semanticsKouzapas, D; Yoshida, N
8-Apr-2017Multiparty session types, beyond duality (Abstract)Scalas, A; Yoshida, N
24-Aug-2014Timed runtime monitoring for multiparty conversationsNeykova, R; Bocchi, L; Yoshida, N
16-Jun-2017A Linear Decomposition of Multiparty Sessions for Safe Distributed Programming (Artifact)Scalas, A; Dardha, O; Hu, R; Yoshida, N