The structure and function of an RNA polymerase interaction domain in the PcrA/UvrD helicase

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Title: The structure and function of an RNA polymerase interaction domain in the PcrA/UvrD helicase
Authors: Sanders, K
Lin, C-L
Smith, AJ
Cronin, N
Fisher, G
Eftychidis, V
McGlynn, P
Savery, NJ
Wigley, DB
Dillingham, MS
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: The PcrA/UvrD helicase functions in multiple pathways that promote bacterial genome stability including the suppression of conflicts between replication and transcription and facilitating the repair of transcribed DNA. The reported ability of PcrA/UvrD to bind and backtrack RNA polymerase (1,2) might be relevant to these functions, but the structural basis for this activity is poorly understood. In this work, we define a minimal RNA polymerase interaction domain in PcrA, and report its crystal structure at 1.5 Å resolution. The domain adopts a Tudor-like fold that is similar to other RNA polymerase interaction domains, including that of the prototype transcription-repair coupling factor Mfd. Removal or mutation of the interaction domain reduces the ability of PcrA/UvrD to interact with and to remodel RNA polymerase complexes in vitro. The implications of this work for our understanding of the role of PcrA/UvrD at the interface of DNA replication, transcription and repair are discussed.
Issue Date: 4-Feb-2017
Date of Acceptance: 25-Jan-2017
ISSN: 0305-1048
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Start Page: 3875
End Page: 3887
Journal / Book Title: Nucleic Acids Research
Volume: 45
Issue: 7
Copyright Statement: © The Author(s) 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Nucleic Acids Research. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted reuse, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Sponsor/Funder: Wellcome Trust
Cancer Research UK
Medical Research Council (MRC)
Funder's Grant Number: 095519/B/11/Z
Keywords: Developmental Biology
05 Environmental Sciences
06 Biological Sciences
08 Information And Computing Sciences
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