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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Learning Rules from User BehaviourCorapi, D; Ray, O; Russo, A; Bandara, A; Lupu, E
1-May-1999Labelled Natural Deduction for Substructural LogicsRusso, A; Broda, K; Finger, M
1-Jan-1998On the consequences of acting in the presence of inconsistencyNuseibeh, B; Russo, A
1-Jan-2003Using event calculus to formalise policy specification and analysisBandara, AK; Lupu, EC; Russo, A
30-Sep-2007Toward a Formal Characterization of Policy Specification & AnalysisBandara, A; Lobo, J; Calo, S; Lupu, E; Russo, A, et al
1-Dec-2010Decomposition techniques for policy refinement.Craven, R; Lobo, J; Lupu, EC; Russo, A; Sloman, M
1-Dec-2011Policy Refinement: Decomposition and Operationalization for Dynamic DomainsCraven; Lobo, J; Lupu, E; Russo, A; Sloman, M
1-Jan-2004A goal-based approach to policy refinementBandara, AK; Lupu, EC; Moffett, J; Russo, A
31-Dec-1998A Translation Method for Four-valued LogicsRusso, A; Rodrigues, O
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