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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2007Policy-based management for body-sensor networksKeoh, SL; Twidle, K; Pryce, N; Schaeffer, AE; Lupu, E, et al
31-Mar-2009Softly safely spoken: Role playing for Session TypesGiachino, E; Sackman, M; Drossopoulou, S; Eisenbach, S
1-Jan-2007A survey of bots used for distributed denial of service attacksThing, VLL; Sloman, M; Dulay, N
11-Nov-2009Realising Management and Composition of Self-Managed Cells in Pervasive HealthcareSchaeffer Filho, A; Lupu, E; Sloman, M
1-Feb-2009CLASE: Cursor Library for A Structured EditorAllwood, TOR; Eisenbach, S
1-Jan-2009Learning Rules from User BehaviourCorapi, D; Ray, O; Russo, A; Bandara, A; Lupu, E
1-Jan-2004Towards the design of an energy-efficient, location-aware routing protocol for mobile, ad-hoc sensor networksPapadopoulos, AA; McCann, JA
1-Jan-2008Finger: An Efficient Policy System for Body Sensor NetworksZhu, YM; Keoh, SL; Sloman, M; Lupu, E; Zhang, Y, et al
10-Oct-2009Tickling Java with a FeatherAllwood, T; Eisenbach, S
1-Jan-2000Ponder: Realising enterprise viewpoint conceptsLupu, E; Sloman, M; Dulay, N; Damianou, N