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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007Call Management Policy Specification for the Asterisk Telephone Private Branch Exchange (Extended Version)Konstantoulakis, G; Sloman, M
31-Jul-2009Verification of Policy-based Self-Managed Cell Interactions Using AlloySchaeffer Filho, A; Lupu, E; Sloman, M; Eisenbach, S
10-Mar-2008AMUSE: autonomic management of ubiquitous e-Health systemsLupu, E; Dulay, N; Sloman, M; Sventek, J; Heeps, S, et al
2006An adaptive middleware framework for context-aware applicationsHuebscher, MC; McCann, JA
2003The patia autonomic webserver: Feasibility experimentationMcCann, JA; Jawaheer, G
Sep-2004Towards reasoning about context in the presence of uncertaintyChalmers, D; Dulay, N; Sloman, M
31-Jul-2008Lock Inference Proven CorrectDrossopoulou, S; Eisenbach, S; Cunningham, D
Apr-2009Vesta: A Secure and Autonomic System for Pervasive HealthcareZhu, Y; Sloman, M; Lupu, EC; Keoh, SL
1-Sep-2009Locating Network Domain Entry and Exit point/path for DDoS Attack TrafficThing, V; Sloman, M; Dulay, N
5-Dec-2006A flexible model for dynamic linking in Java and C#Drossopoulou, S; Lagorio, G; Eisenbach, S