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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Calibration of Reservoir Model Permeability to a Two-Layer Well Test in a Lean Gas Condensate Reservoir for Production ForecastingAl-Salman, Sayf
2015Can Small Deposits Support Commercially Viable Operations? A Technical and Financial Appraisal Of the Cononish Project, ScotlandRickards, Anthony
2012Candidate Selection and Assessment of The Benefits of Velocity Strings On The Dunbar FieldFadipe, Damola
2011Capillary Pressure Estimation and Reservoir SimulationHaddad, Rawan
2014Capillary Trapping in Carbonate Cores Aged in Organic AcidsAjulu, Nchedonna
2014Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil RecoveryZafar, Abdul
2010Carbon dioxide Storage Potential in the North SeaChamwudhiprecha, Nalinee
2015Characterising Changes in Pore Structure at the Macro and Micro Scale - In Carbonate Rocks Undergoing Rock DissolutionAhmed, Ishrat
2015Characterizing crude with High Wax ContentOwusu-Ansah, Frank
2013Closed Loop Feedback Control of Injection and Production Wells in the SPE Brugge ModelMattsson, Robert
2010CO2 Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recover and CO2 Storage Capacity Assessment of a CoalfieldNah, Wenbin
2010CO2 Storage Capacity Assessment of Aquifers in South AfricaVu, Dat
2011Coal Bed Methane System Modeling - Reservoir, Wells and Surface FacilitiesOri-Jesu, Efeoghene
2011Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Well Modelling and Performance AnalysisGaurav, Kumar
2011Combination of Conventional and Optimisation Techniques for Performance Prediction in Large Waterflood ProjectsSamiayyan, Muthukumaran
2015Comparison of Black Oil and Equation of State Models through the Development of an Optimised Integrated Asset ModelRana, Harris
2012Computation of effective dynamic properties of naturally fractured reservoirs: Comparison and validation of methodsDecroux, Benoit
2010Conformance Control by Permeability and Relative PermeabilitySeilov, Danil
2010Construction of the Midge History Match ModelWahab, Lukman
2014Controlled Salinity Waterflooding in Carbonates: Evidence, Mechanisms, and Comparative Study with SandstonesGoh, Alex
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 368
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