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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Structural and functional studies of Microneme Protein 3 (MIC3) from Apicomplexan parasite Eimeria tenellaMatthews, Steve; Lai, Livia Pui Shuen
Sep-2012A study into the ultrafast photochemistry of phytochromevan Thor, Jasper; Tisch, John; Marangos, Jon; Fitzpatrick, Ann
Sep-2012Structural Studies on Microneme proteins from Toxoplasma gondiiMatthews, Steve; Liew, Lloyd
Jul-2012Development and application of a computational approach to align protein interaction networksSternberg, Michael; Phan Thi Thu Hang; Wellcome Trust (London, England) ; Imperial College London
2012Assembly and selectivity of asialoglycoprotein receptorsTaylor, Maureen; Drickamer, Kurt; Quintero-Martinez, Adrian; CONACyT-Mexico
Feb-2012Structural Studies of Afa/Dr Family of Fimbrial ProteinsMatthews, Steve; Lee, Wei-Chao
2012Structural insights into host cell adhesion by Toxoplasma gondii MIC4Matthews, Steve; Cota, Ernesto; Cowper, Ben
Nov-2012Methods for the refinement of genome-scale metabolic networksPinney, John; Stumpf, Michael; Liberal Fernandes, Rodrigo; Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia
Oct-2012Evolutionary and Functional Aspects of Two-Component Signalling SystemsBuck, Martin; Stumpf, Michael; Pinney, John; Sheng, Xia; SHKP-KWOK