Transcriptional coregulator RIP140: an essential regulator of physiology

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Title: Transcriptional coregulator RIP140: an essential regulator of physiology
Authors: Nautiyal, J
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: Transcriptional coregulators drive gene regulatory decisions in the transcriptional space. While transcription factors including all nuclear receptors provide a docking platform for coregulators to bind, these proteins bring enzymatic capabilities to the gene regulatory sites. RIP140 is a transcriptional coregulator essential for several physiological processes and aberrations in its function may lead to diseased states. Unlike several other coregulators which are either known for their coactivating or corepressing roles, in gene regulation, RIP140 is capable of acting both as a coactivator and a corepressor. The role of RIP140 in female reproductive axis and recent findings of its role in carcinogenesis and adipose biology have been summarized.
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2017
Date of Acceptance: 10-Jan-2017
ISSN: 1479-6813
Publisher: BioScientifica
Start Page: R147
End Page: R158
Journal / Book Title: Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
Volume: 58
Issue: 3
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Keywords: RIP140
mammary gland
Endocrinology & Metabolism
1103 Clinical Sciences
1114 Paediatrics And Reproductive Medicine
0707 Veterinary Sciences
Publication Status: Published
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