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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2009Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and provincial level expressway programme planning: an application framework and indicator system for ChinaSheate, William; Zhou, Kaiyi
2009Modelling for Pest Risk Analysis: Spread and Economic ImpactsMumford, John; Knight, Jon; MacLeod, Alan; Baker, Richard; Carrasco Torrecilla, Luis Roman, et al
Jan-2009Conservation Values of the North PenninesMilner-Gulland, E.J.; Black, Julie
Feb-2010Feasibility of urban storm runoff as additional freshwater source: Singapore as a case studyChen, Deh Chien; Chen, Deh Chien
Dec-2009Estimating the removal of micropollutants and emerging contaminants from sewage treatment processes in preparation for the implementation of the Water Framework DirectiveVoulvoulis, Nikolaos; Rowsell, Victoria Francesca; Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EPSRC) ; Yorkshire Water Plc.
Oct-2009Risk assessment of endocrine disrupting pesticides in biological systemsVoulvoulis, Nick; McKinlay, Rebecca; Holly Hill Trust
Jul-2009A flexible multivariate conditional autoregression with application to road safety performance indicators.Thirtle, Colin; Cookson, Graham; Economic Social and Research Council
Dec-2009The socio-technical dynamics of chemical feedstock transitions : the case of renewable raw materials in the UKPearson, Peter; Bennett, Simon J.
Apr-2009Environmental risk assessment of inorganic chemicals in mining environment.Voulvoulis, Nick; Pan, Jilang; Anglo American plc
Jan-2010Optimal spatial pricing for electricity and its impact on renewable generation technologies and their operationsLeach, Matthew; Di Castelnuovo, Matteo; ESRC