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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2012Diverting food waste from landfill: a challenge for the water industryVoulvoulis, Nick; Iacovidou, Eleni
2012The sources and environmental fate of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in lowland river catchmentsVoulvoulis, Nick; Treadgold, James William; NERC
Mar-2012Source assessment of metals for catchment management under the EU Water Framework DirectiveVoulvoulis, Nick; Chon, Ho-SIk
2012Assessing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Transport BiofuelsWoods, Jem; Shah, Nilay; Brown, Gareth D.
Aug-2012Small scale human-primate behavioural interactions in Amazonian EcuadorMilner-Gulland, E. J.; Slocombe, Katie; Papworth, Sarah Kate; Economic and Social Research Council (Great Britain) ; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain) ; Company of Biologists ; Society for Experimental Biology (Great Britain)
Mar-2012Enhancing resource effectiveness: An environmental and economic analysis of thermal and biological treatment of discarded materialGross, Robert; Shah, Nilay; Grimes, Sue; Castillo Castillo, Arturo
2012Environmental Quality Management for Soil Protection: The Role of Citizen Science in the ProcessVoulvoulis, Nick; Bone, James; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ; Big Lottery Fund (Great Britain)
2012The role of Tibetan Buddhism in environmental conservation under changing socio-economic conditions in ChinaMilner-Gulland, EJ; McGowan, Philip; Mills, Martin; Woodhouse, Emily
Dec-2012The role of electricity storage in low carbon energy systems : techno-economic drivers and transistional barriersContestabile, Marcello; Cockerill, Tim; Gruenewald, Philipp; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Oct-2012Understanding fishers' spatial behaviour to estimate social costs in local conservation planningNicholson, Emily; Jones, Julia; Young, Richard; Milner-Gulland, EJ; Wallace, Andrea Pauline Coombs, et al