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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2018A systems framework for incorporating environmental, social and resource management risks into financial analytics for renewable solar energy investmentsVoulvoulis, Nick; Mbuk, Kofi
Nov-2015Water security: the need for physical and economic assessmentVoulvoulis, Nikolaos; Lee, Young Suk
Apr-2014Navigating the complexities of community monitoring reporting and verification (CMRV)Milner-Gulland, EJ; Makuch, Karen; Palmer Fry, Benjamin;
Aug-2014The role of transmission networks in the evolution of a low carbon electricity system in the UKGross, Robert; Hughes, Nicholas;
Nov-2019Design, calibration and use of quantitative alpha-induced radioluminescence detectorsParry, Susan; Jarvis, Kym; Pearce, Benjamin Charles; , et al
Feb-20142MW The wood fuel energy systems conceptual design metamodel- a novel approach to participatory design, contextualised to the case of MozambiqueCherni, Judith; Oxley, Tim; de Albuquerque Martins, Ricardo Jorge;
Mar-2019Climate change mitigation potential of lignocellulosic succinic acid: assessing feedstock supply and integrated land use options in a UK Wheat-Miscanthus bio-succinic acid-based bioplastics production systemWoods, Jeremy; Ni, Yuanzhi;
Oct-2015Exploring the impact of power dynamics on sustainable value creation in a business ecosystem.Tennant, Dr Mike; Brennan, Geraldine Teresa;
Sep-2017The future costs of low-carbon energy technologies: Case studies on the drivers, uncertainties and implications of solar PV and battery electricity storageGross, Robert; Green, Richard; Gambhir, Ajay
Jan-2017Spatial evaluation of the effects of human, livestock and wildlife systems on infectious disease emergence: implications for surveillance and managementMumford, John; Carrasco, L. Roman; Hou, Chia Yi