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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2019Turbulence-resolving simulations of wind turbine wakesDeskos, G; Laizet, S; Piggott, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
16-Jan-2019WO3/BiVO4: impact of charge separation at the timescale of water oxidationSelim, S; Francàs, L; García-Tecedor, M; Corby, S; Blackman, C, et al
15-Jan-2019Demystifying academics to enhance university–business collaborations in environmental scienceHillier, JK; Saville, GR; Smith, MJ; Scott, AJ; Raven, EK, et al
14-Jan-2019Engaging environmental policy-makers with systematic reviews: challenges, solutions and lessons learnedCollins, AM; Coughlin, D; Randall, N; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
1-Mar-2019Smart energy systems for sustainable smart cities: Current developments, trends and future directionsO'Dwyer, E; Pan, I; Acha, S; Shah, N; Commission of the European Communities
1-Feb-2019Probabilistic peak load estimation in smart cities using smart meter dataSun, M; Wang, Y; Strbac, G; Kang, C; London Power Networks PLC, et al
14-Feb-2019Surface expression of basal and englacial features, properties, and processes of the Greenland Ice SheetCooper, M; Jordan, T; Siegert, M; Bamber, J; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), et al
10-Jan-2019Idoneidad del establecimiento del área natural protegida del mar pacífico tropical. suitability of the establishment of the protected natural area of the tropical Pacific seaHopkins Alfaro, D; Makuch, K; Makuch, Z; Funding awarded by: CONCYTEC (El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica), Peru.
1-Jan-2019ODNI as an analytic ombudsman: Is Intelligence Community Directive 203 up to the task?Burgman, M; Marcoci, A; Vercammen, A; Office of the Director of National Intelligence (US Agency)
1-Mar-2019Global photosynthetic capacity is optimized to the environmentSmith, N; Keenan, T; Prentice, I; Wang, H; Wright, I, et al