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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2011Influence of blend microstructure on bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaic performanceBrabec, CJ; Heeney, M; McCulloch, I; Nelson, J
1-Apr-2011Techno-economic and behavioural analysis of battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid vehicles in a future sustainable road transport system in the UKOffer, GJ; Contestabile, M; Howey, DA; Clague, R; Brandon, NP
20-Apr-2011Numerical wave propagation for the triangular P1(DG)-P2 finite element pairCotter, CJ; Ham, DA
1-Nov-2011Solar forcing of winter climate variability in the Northern HemisphereIneson, S; Scaife, AA; Knight, JR; Manners, JC; Dunstone, NJ, et al
1-Sep-2011Calculating minimum energy urban layouts with mathematical programming and Monte Carlo analysis techniquesKeirstead, J; Shah, N
30-Apr-2011Networks in plant epidemiology: from genes to landscapes, countries, and continentsMoslonka-Lefebvre, M; Finley, A; Dorigatti, I; Dehnen-Schmutz, K; Harwood, T, et al
23-Mar-2011Pesticide Environmental Accounting: A decision-making tool estimating external costs of pesticidesLeach, AW; Mumford, JD; Commission of the European Communities
1-Jun-2011H-1 NMR Spectroscopy-Based Metabolomic Assessment of Uremic Toxicity, with Toxicological Outcomes, in Male Rats Following an Acute, Mid-Life Insult from Ochratoxin AMantle, PG; Nicholls, AW; Shockcor, JP
23-Jun-2011A new hope for AfricaLynd, LR; Woods, J
1-Aug-2011An I(d) model with trend and cyclesAbadir, KM; Distaso, W; Giraitis, L