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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2010Soil quality assessment under emerging regulatory requirements.Bone, J; Head, M; Barraclough, D; Archer, M; Scheib, C, et al
1-Jan-2010Solar cycle signals in sea level pressure and sea surface temperatureRoy, I; Haigh, JD
7-Oct-2010An influence of solar spectral variations on radiative forcing of climateHaigh, JD; Winning, AR; Toumi, R; Harder, JW
27-Sep-2010Agricultural R&D, technology and productivity.Piesse, J; Thirtle, C
24-Nov-2010Recombination Dynamics as a Key Determinant of Open Circuit Voltage in Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells: A Comparison of Four Different Donor PolymersMaurano, A; Hamilton, R; Shuttle, CG; Ballantyne, AM; Nelson, J, et al
21-Sep-2010Charge-density-based analysis of the current-voltage response of polythiophene/fullerene photovoltaic devicesShuttle, CG; Hamilton, R; O'Regan, BC; Nelson, J; Durrant, JR
30-Apr-2010Production of technical grade phosphoric acid from incinerator sewage sludge ash (ISSA)Donatello, S; Tong, D; Cheeseman, CR
1-Jan-2010Comparative analysis of battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid vehicles in a future sustainable road transport systemOffer, G.J.; Howey, D.A.; Contestabile, M.; Clague, R.; Brandon, N.P.
1-Mar-2010A Pilot Study of Nuclear Instability in Archived Renal and Upper Urinary Tract Tumours with Putative Ochratoxin AetiologyMantle, PG; Amerasinghe, C; Brown, AL; Herman, D; Horn, T, et al
1-Apr-2010Oncological Outcomes in Rats Given Nephrocarcinogenic Exposure to Dietary Ochratoxin A, Followed by the Tumour Promoter Sodium Barbital for Life: A Pilot StudyMantle, PG; Dobrota, M; Gillett, CE; Odell, EW; Pinder, SE