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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2014Water resources management in a homogenizing world: Averting the Growth and Underinvestment trajectoryMirchi, A; Watkins, DW; Huckins, CJ; Madani, K; Hjorth, P
12-Nov-2016Stakeholder-driven multi-attribute analysis for energy project selection under uncertaintyRead, L; Madani, K; Mokhtari, S; Hanks, C
6-Sep-2016Climate change impacts on maize production in the warm heart of AfricaMsowoya, K; Madani, K; Davtalab, R; Mirchi, A; Lund, JR
7-Dec-2016Iran’s socio-economic drought: challenges of a water-bankrupt nationMadani, K; AghaKouchak, A; Mirchi, A
1-Oct-2018Facilitating the transition to sustainable green chemistryBurgman, MA; Tennant, M; Voulvoulis, N; Makuch, K; Madani, K
15-Dec-2018Techno-economic feasibility of grid-independent residential roof-top solar PV systems in Muscat, OmanAl-Saqlawi, J; Madani, K; Mac Dowell, N
9-Mar-2017System Dynamics Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Water Resources Management in Central IranGohari, A; Mirchi, A; Madani, K
1-Jul-2018The water footprint of water conservation using shade balls in CaliforniaHaghighi, E; Madani, K; Hoekstra, AY
9-Aug-2017Iran's Land Suitability for AgricultureMesgaran, MB; Madani, K; Hashemi, H; Azadi, P
1-Aug-2018Climate-informed environmental inflows to revive a drying lake facing meteorological and anthropogenic droughtsAlborzi, A; Mirchi, A; Moftakhari, H; Mallakpour, I; Alian, S, et al