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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Feb-2016The leaky storage model for optimal multi-service allocation of thermostatic loadsTrovato, V; Tindemans, SH; Strbac, G;
1-Mar-2015Valuation of Flexible Transmission Investment Options Under UncertaintyKonstantelos, I; Strbac, G;
1-May-2018Understanding the benefits of dynamic line rating under multiple sources of uncertaintyTeng, F; Dupin, R; Kariniotakis, G; Michiorri, A; Yanfei, C, et al
9-Aug-2016Corrective control with transient assistive measures: value assessment for Great Britain transmission systemPIpelzadeh, Y; Moreno, R; Chaudhuri, B; Strbac, G; Green, T, et al
1-Feb-2019Probabilistic peak load estimation in smart cities using smart meter dataSun, M; Wang, Y; Strbac, G; Kang, C; , et al
28-Sep-2016Advanced control of thermostatic loads for rapid frequency response in Great BritainTrovato, V; Martinez Sanz, I; Chaudhuri, B; Strbac, G; , et al
13-Jul-2017A fuzzy-logic-based control methodology for secure operation of a microgrid in interconnected and isolated modesAmeli, H; Abbasi, E; Ameli, MT; Strbac, G; , et al
1-Sep-2016Market Design for Long-Distance Trade in Renewable ElectricityGreen, RJ; Pudjianto, D; Staffell, I; Strbac, G; , et al
18-May-2018A framework for receding-horizon control in infinite-horizon aggregative gamesFele, F; De Paola, A; Angeli, D; Strbac, G;
28-Sep-2016C-Vine copula mixture model for clustering of residential electrical load pattern dataSun, M; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G