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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Probabilistic peak load estimation in smart cities using smart meter dataSun, M; Wang, Y; Strbac, G; Kang, C; London Power Networks PLC, et al
28-Sep-2016C-Vine copula mixture model for clustering of residential electrical load pattern dataSun, M; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G
16-Oct-2016Transmission network expansion planning with stochastic multivariate load and wind modelingSun, M; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G
5-Jan-2018An objective-based scenario selection method for transmission network expansion planning with multivariate stochasticity in load and renewable energy sourcesSun, M; Teng, F; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
17-Jul-2016Analysis of diversified residential demand in London using smart meter and demographic dataSun, M; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G
1-Sep-2014Quantifying demand diversity of householdsKonstantelos, I; Sun, M; Strbac, G; London Power Networks PLC
11-Jan-2019Data-driven representative day selection for investment decisions: a cost-oriented approachSun, M; Teng, F; Zhang, X; Strbac, G; Pudjianto, D, et al
Jan-2019Using vine copulas to generate representative system states for machine learningKonstantelos, I; Sun, M; Tindemans, S; Issad, S; Panciatici, P, et al
1-Aug-2019Benefits of smart control of hybrid heat pumps: an analysis of field trial dataSun, M; Djapic, P; Aunedi, M; Pudjianto, D; Strbac, G
21-Jun-2019Using Bayesian deep learning to capture uncertainty for residential net load forecastingSun, M; Zhang, T; Wang, Y; Strbac, G; Kang, C, et al