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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2015Comparative studies of CO2 capture solvents for gas-fired power plants: Integrated modelling and pilot plant assessmentsSharifzadeh, M; Shah, N
27-Feb-2017Modelling the kinetics of pyrolysis oil hydrothermal upgrading based on the connectivity of oxygen atoms, quantified by P-31-NMRSharifzadeh, M; Richard, CJ; Shah, N
1-Aug-2015Supply chain network design and operation: Systematic decision-making for centralized, distributed, and mobile biofuel production using mixed integer linear programming (MILP) under uncertaintySharifzadeh, M; Cortada Garcia, M; Shah, N; The Carbon Trust
30-Mar-2015An integrated process for biomass pyrolysis oil upgrading: A synergistic approachSharifzadeh, M; Richard, CJ; Liu, K; Hellgardt, K; Chadwick, D, et al
21-Mar-2015Integrated biorefineries: CO2 utilization for maximum biomass conversionSharifzadeh, M; Wang, L; Shah, N
1-Jun-2017Corrigendum to “Interactions between the Design and Operation of Shale Gas Networks, Including CO2 Sequestration” [Engineering (2017) 244–256]Sharifzadeh, M; Wang, X; Shah, N
12-Jul-2018Iterative peptide synthesis in membrane cascades: Untangling operational decisionsChen, W; Sharifzadeh, M; Shah, N; Livingston, AG
22-May-2017Implication of Side Reactions in Iterative Biopolymer Synthesis: The Case of Membrane Enhanced Peptide SynthesisChen, W; Sharifzadeh, M; Shah, N; Livingston, AG
1-Feb-2019China's roadmap to low-carbon electricity and water: Disentangling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from electricity-water nexus via renewable wind and solar power generation, and carbon capture and storageSharifzadeh, M; Hien, RKT; Shah, N
5-Dec-2015Carbon capture from pulverized coal power plant (PCPP): Solvent performance comparison at an industrial scaleSharifzadeh, M; Bumb, P; Shah, N; Department of Energy & Climate Change