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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2019Modelling and evaluation of multi-vector energy networks in smart citiesO'Dwyer, E; Pan, I; Acha Izquierdo, S; Gibbons, S; Shah, N, et al
16-Oct-2018Investigating the BECCS resource nexus: delivering sustainable negative emissionsFajardy, M; Chiquier, S; Mac Dowell, N; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC); Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
28-Aug-2019Transitional assistance policies for just, equitable and smooth low-carbon transitions: who, what and how?Green, F; Gambhir, A; ClimateWorks Foundation
6-May-2019Evaluating different recruitment methods in a longitudinal survey: Findings from the pan-European PASTA projectGaupp-Berghausen, M; Raser, E; Anaya-Boig, E; Avila-Palencia, I; De Nazelle, A, et al
11-Oct-2018Decision making under deep uncertainty for adapting urban drainage systems to changeBabovic, F; Mijic, A; Madani, K; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Nov-2019Modelling of a real CO2 booster installation and evaluation of control strategies for heat recovery applications in supermarketsEscriva, EJS; Acha, S; LeBrun, N; Francés, VS; Ojer, JMP, et al
18-Sep-2019Higher carbon prices on emissions alone will not deliver the Paris agreementDaggash, HA; Mac Dowell, N; Natural Environment Research Council [2006-2012]; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
28-Jun-2019The role of the stratospheric polar vortex for the austral jet response to greenhouse gas forcingCeppi, P; Shepherd, TG
29-Jul-2019False-negative malaria rapid diagnostic test results and their impact on community-based malaria surveys in sub- Saharan AfricaWatson, O; Sumner, K; Janko, M; Goel, V; Winskill, P, et al
30-Oct-2019Impact of oxygen vacancy occupancy on charge carrier dynamics in BiVO4 photoanodes.Selim, S; Pastor, E; García-Tecedor, M; Morris, MR; Francas, L, et al