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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2017Why Should We Worry About Sea Level Change?Siegert, MJ;
1-Nov-2018Hard rock landforms generate 130 km ice shelf channels through water focusing in basal corrugationsJeofry, H; Ross, N; Le Brocq, A; Graham, A; Li, J, et al
11-Aug-2017Ice-flow reorganization within the East Antarctic Ice Sheet deep interiorBeem, LH; Cavitte, MGP; Blankenship, DD; Carter, SP; Young, DA, et al
12-Sep-2018Governance of the exploration of subglacial AntarcticaSiegert, MJ; Kennicutt, MC;
13-Jun-2018Choosing the future of AntarcticaRintoul, SR; Chown, SL; DeConto, RM; England, MH; Fricker, HA, et al
26-May-2017Summit of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet underlain by thick ice-crystal fabric layers linked to glacial-interglacial environmental changeSiegert, MJ; Bangbing, W; Sun, B; Martin, C; Ferraccioli, F, et al
25-May-2017Antarctic subglacial groundwater: a concept paper on its measurement and potential influence on ice flowSiegert, MJ; Kulessa, B; Bougamont, M; Christoffersen, P; Key, K, et al
-Ocean forced variability of the main East Antarctic GlacierRoberts, J; Galton-Fenzi, B; Paolo, F; Donnelly, C; Gwyther, D, et al
18-Jun-2018Spatio-temporal variability of processes across Antarctic ice-bed–ocean interfacesColleoni, F; De Santis, L; Siddoway, CS; Bergamasco, S; Golledge, NR, et al
15-Jun-2017Position and variability of complex structures in the central East Antarctic Ice SheetWrona, T; Wolovick, M; Ferraccioli, F; Corr, H; Jordan, T, et al