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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Tilted, drifting jets over a zonally sloped topography: Effects of vanishing eddy viscosityBerloff, P; Khatri, H; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
1-May-2018Lead acid battery recycling for the twenty-first centuryBallantyne, AD; Hallett, JP; Riley, DJ; Shah, N; Payne, DJ, et al
1-Nov-2018The effects of transport mode use on self-perceived health, mental health, and social contact measures: a cross-sectional and longitudinal studyAvila-Palencia, I; Int Panis, L; Dons, E; Gaupp-Berghausen, M; Raser, E, et al
1-Jan-2019Some causal effects of an industrial policyCriscuolo, C; Martin, R; Overman, H; Van Reenen, J
23-Jul-2019In transition: current health challenges and priorities in SudanCharani, E; Cunnington, AJ; Yousif, AHA; Ahmed, MS; Ahmed, AEM, et al
1-Aug-2018A generic tool for quantifying the energy requirements of glasshouse food productionGeorgiou, S; Acha, S; Shah, N; Markides, C; Natural Environment Research Council, et al
3-May-2018Food flows in the United Kingdom: the potential of surplus food redistribution to reduce wasteFacchini, E; Iacovidou, E; Gronow, J; Voulvoulis, N
19-Jul-2019Plan S and publishing: reply to Lehtomäki et al. 2019.McCarthy, MA; Burgman, MA; Wei, F; Jarrad, FC; Rondinini, C, et al
15-Oct-2013Late Holocene ice-flow reconfiguration in the Weddell Sea sector of West AntarcticaSiegert, M; Ross, N; Corr, H; Kingslake, J; Hindmarsh, R, et al
31-Jul-2019False-negative malaria rapid diagnostic test results and their impact on community-based malaria surveys in sub- Saharan AfricaWatson, O; Sumner, K; Janko, M; Goel, V; Winskill, P, et al