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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Modelling the fluid phase behaviour of aqueous mixtures of multifunctional alkanolamines and carbon dioxide using transferable parameters with the SAFT-VR approachRodriguez, J; Mac Dowell, N; Llovell, F; Adjiman, CS; Jackson, G, et al
30-Nov-2015Greater than the Sum of its Parts: A Heterodinuclear Polymerization CatalystWilliams, CK; Saini, P; Garden, J; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
22-Jan-2015Fullerene oxidation and clustering in solution induced by lightDattani, R; Gibson, KF; Few, S; Borg, AJ; DiMaggio, PA, et al
1-Dec-2015Strengthened currents override the effect of warming on lobster larval dispersal & survival.Cetina-Heredia, P; Roughan, M; van Sebille, E; Feng, M; Coleman, MA
1-Jul-2012Capturing spatial effects, technology interactions, and uncertainty in urban energy and carbon models: Retrofitting newcastle as a case-studyKeirstead, J; Calderon, C
1-May-2012The impact of CHP (combined heat and power) planning restrictions on the efficiency of urban energy systemsKeirstead, J; Samsatli, N; Shah, N; Weber, C
3-Aug-2012Water for cities: The impact of climate change and demographic growth in the tropical AndesBuytaert, W; De Bievre, B
1-Aug-2012A review of urban energy system models: Approaches, challenges and opportunitiesKeirstead, J; Jennings, M; Sivakumar, A
1-Nov-2012A brief history and the possible future of urban energy systemsRutter, P; Keirstead, J
9-Oct-2015Additive effects of steam addition and HBr doping for CaO-based sorbents for CO2 captureGonzalez, B; Blamey, J; Al-Jeboori, MJ; Florin, NH; Clough, PT, et al