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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2019Heterojunction α-Fe2O3/ZnO films with enhanced photocatalytic properties grown by aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition.Jiamprasertboon, A; Kafizas, A; Sachs, M; Ling, M; Alotaibi, AM, et al
1-Jun-2019Learning to cope with water variability through participatory monitoring: the case study of the Mountainous region, NepalRegmi, S; Bhusal, J; Gurung, P; Zulkafli, Z; Karpouzoglou, T, et al
22-Jul-2019An inter-model assessment of the role of direct air capture in deep mitigation pathwaysRealmonte, G; Hawkes, A; Gambhir, A; Tavoni, M; Glynn, J, et al
1-Dec-2018Controls on tidal sedimentation and preservation: insights from numerical tidal modelling in the late oligocene–miocene South China sea, Southeast AsiaCollins, D; Alvdis, A; Allison, P; Johnson, H; Hill, J, et al
1-May-2018Lead acid battery recycling for the twenty-first centuryBallantyne, AD; Hallett, JP; Riley, DJ; Shah, N; Payne, DJ, et al
31-Jan-2019Assessment of Energy Centres in BrazilStrapasson, A; Ferreira, D; Costa, HKDM; Pinto, JOP
23-Jan-2019Land Use Change and the European Biofuels Policy: The expansion of oilseed feedstocks on lands with high carbon stocksStrapasson, A; Falcão, J; Rossberg, T; Buss, G; Woods, J
1-Nov-2018The effects of transport mode use on self-perceived health, mental health, and social contact measures: a cross-sectional and longitudinal studyAvila-Palencia, I; Int Panis, L; Dons, E; Gaupp-Berghausen, M; Raser, E, et al
1-Jun-2015Biosphere feedbacks and climate changePrentice, I; Williams, S; Friedlingstein, P; AXA Research Fund
1-Jan-2019Some causal effects of an industrial policyCriscuolo, C; Martin, R; Overman, H; Van Reenen, J