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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2019Analysis of trace metal contamination in Pahang River and Kelantan River, MalaysiaManap, N; Sandirasegaran, K; Syahrom, NS; Amir, A; Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, et al
20-Feb-2019Factors affecting the performance of medium and large local contractors in the Jigawa State Nigerian construction industryMasrom, MAN; Hamza, G; Manap, N; Syahrom, NS; Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, et al
1-Dec-2016Dengue transmission through human movement in regular and seasonal patterns on Koh Chang island in ThailandHou, CY; Kittayapong, P; Mumford, J; Carrasco, LR
12-Jun-2017Challenges in model and data merging for the implementation of a distribution network contingency analysis toolHuyghues-Beaufond, N; Jakeman, A; Tindemans, S; Strbac, G; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
22-May-2016Characterising the impact of HVAC design variables on buildings energy performance, using a Global Sensitivity Analysis frameworkChatzopoulou, MA; Keirstead, J; Fisk, D; Markides, CN; Royal Academy of Engineering, et al
16-Oct-2016Transmission network expansion planning with stochastic multivariate load and wind modelingSun, M; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G
15-Mar-2012A superstructure optimization approach for water network synthesis with membrane separation-based regeneratorsKhor, CS; Chachuat, B; Shah, N
20-Jun-2016Application of novel Nested decomposition techniques to long-term planning problemsFalugi, P; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
21-Nov-2016Improving the radiation hardness of space solar cells via nanophotonic light trappingMellor, AV; Hylton, N; Wellens, C; Thomas, T; Al-Saleh, Y, et al
26-Sep-2017A simulation framework to analyse weather-induced faultsJamieson, M; Strbac, G; Tindemans, S; Bell, K; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E