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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-2016An MPEC approach for analysing the impact of energy storage in imperfect electricity marketsYe, Y; Papadaskalopoulos, D; Strbac, G
13-Feb-2016Quantum wells for high-efficiency photovoltaicsAlonso Alvarez, D; Ekins-Daukes, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
25-Jun-2016Operational and Economic Analysis of GSHP Coupled with Refrigeration Systems in UK SupermarketsAcha Izquierdo, S; Dalpane, P; Shah, N; Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
8-Apr-2016Modelling Real-Time Pricing of Electricity for EnergyConservation Measures in the UK Commercial SectorAcha Izquierdo, S; Bustos-Turu, G; Shah, N; Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
1-Sep-2016What does CPV need to achieve in order to succeed?Ekins-Daukes, NJ; Sandwell, P; Nelson, J; Johnson, AD; Duggan, G, et al
24-Oct-2016Assessing the climate impacts of Chinese dietary choices using a telecoupled global food trade and local land use frameworkWoods, J; Chaturvedi, R; Strapasson, A; Millington, J; Petersen, S, et al
11-Oct-2016TELEMAC model archive: Integrating open-source tools for the management and visualisation of model dataMouradian; Avdis, A; Piggott, M; Jacobs, CT; Villaret, C, et al
17-Jul-2016Analysis of diversified residential demand in London using smart meter and demographic dataSun, M; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G
21-Nov-2016Specially designed solar cells for hybrid photovoltaic-thermal generatorsMellor, AV; Guarracino, I; Llin, LF; Alonso alvarez; Riverola, A, et al
15-Nov-2016Tools and Workflows in the Design of Urban Energy SystemsKuriyan, K; Shah, N