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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Feb-2019The contrasting roles of science and technology in environmental challengesVoulvoulis, N; Burgman, M
1-Feb-2012Some causal effects of an industrial policyCriscuolo, C; Martin, R; Overman, H; Van Reenen, J
21-Jun-2016Paleofluvial landscape inheritance for Jakobshavn Isbræ catchment, GreenlandCooper, MA; Michaelides, K; Siegert, MJ; Bamber, JL; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), et al
10-Mar-2016Environmental Sciences in the Twenty-First CenturySiegert, MJ
15-Jun-2015Analysis of Customers' Performance in Industrial & Commercial Demand Side Response TrialsUstinova, T; Woolf, M; Ortega Calderon, JE; Bilton, M; O'Brien, H, et al
18-Aug-2015An analytic model of tropical cyclone wind profilesWang, S; Toumi, R; Czaja, A; Van Kan, A
31-Mar-2018Quantifying soil moisture impacts on light use efficiency across biomes.Stocker, BD; Zscheischler, J; Keenan, TF; Prentice, IC; Peñuelas, J, et al
31-Dec-2015Monitoring and Evaluation of Nature Improvement Areas: Final Report (2012-15) Annex 1: Counterfactual ReportSheate, WR; Baker, J; Papadopoulou, L; Eales, R
26-Feb-2016A Regional Decision Support Scheme for Pest Risk Analysis in Southeast AsiaSoliman, T; MacLeod, A; Mumford, JD; Nghiem, TP; Tan, HT, et al
17-Jul-2016Analysis of diversified residential demand in London using smart meter and demographic dataSun, M; Konstantelos, I; Strbac, G