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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2015Technologies for retrieving sediment cores in Antarctic subglacial settingsHodgson, DA; Bentley, MJ; Smith, JA; Klepacki, J; Makinson, K, et al
1-Dec-2015Clean subglacial access: prospects for future deep hot-water drillingMakinson, K; Pearce, D; Hodgson, DA; Bentley, MJ; Smith, AM, et al
3-Sep-2015Airborne radar evidence for tributary flow switching in Institute Ice Stream, West Antarctica: Implications for ice sheet configuration and dynamicsWinter, K; Woodward, J; Ross, N; Dunning, SA; Bingham, RG, et al
1-Feb-2017Generating synthetic fjord bathymetry for coastal GreenlandWillams, CN; Cornford, SL; Jordan, TM; Dowdeswell, JA; Siegert, MJ, et al
10-Mar-2016Environmental Sciences in the Twenty-First CenturySiegert, MJ
21-Jun-2016Paleofluvial landscape inheritance for Jakobshavn Isbræ catchment, GreenlandCooper, MA; Michaelides, K; Siegert, MJ; Bamber, JL
18-May-2016Repeated large-scale retreat and advance of Totten Glacier indicated by inland bed erosionAitken, ARA; Roberts, JL; Van Ommen, TD; Young, DA; Golledge, NR, et al
28-Oct-2016The tectonic development and erosion of the knox subglacial sedimentary basin, East AntarcticaMaritati, A; Aitken, ARA; Young, DA; Roberts JL; Blankenship, DD, et al
21-Oct-2016Delivering 21st century Antarctic and Southern Ocean scienceKennicutt, MC; Kim, YD; Rogan-Finnemore, M; Anandakrishnan, S; Chown, SL, et al
12-May-2016Subglacial controls on the flow of Institute Ice Stream, West AntarcticaSiegert, MJ; Ross, N; Li, J; Schroeder, DM; Rippin, D, et al