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10-Apr-2017A Techno-economic analysis and systematic review of carbon capture and storage (CCS) applied to the iron and steel, cement, oil refining and pulp and paper industries, as well as other high purity sourcesLeeson, D; Mac Dowell, N; Shah, N; Petit, C; Fennell, PS
15-Jan-2016Application of the immersed-body method to simulate wave–structure interactionsVire, A; Spinneken, J; Piggott, MD; Pain, CC; Kramer, SC
29-Jan-2014Renewable energy research progress in Mexico: a reviewAlemán-Nava, GS; Casiano-Flores, VH; Cárdenas-Chávez, DL; Díaz-Chavez, R; Scarlat, N, et al
13-Feb-2015Reducing China’s road transport sector CO2 emissions to 2050: Technologies, costs and decomposition analysisGambhir, A; Tse, LKC; Tong, D; Martinez-Botas, R
26-Jul-2016Horizon scanning the European bio-based economy: a novel approach to the identification of barriers and key policy interventions from stakeholders in multiple sectors and regionsHodgson, E; Ruiz-Molina, M-E; Marazza, D; Pogrebnyakova, E; Burns, C, et al
5-Jan-2016A Novel Geographical Information Systems Framework to Characterize Photovoltaic Deployment in the UK: Initial EvidenceWestacott, P; Candelise, C
17-Oct-2015Benefits of flexibility from smart electrified transportation and heating in the future UK electricity systemTeng, F; Aunedi, M; Strbac, G
21-Jan-2016P-type semiconductor surfactant modified zinc oxide nanorods for hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cellsBen Dkhil, S; Gaceur, M; Dachraoui, W; Hannani, D; Fall, S, et al
29-Oct-2015Influence of Intermolecular Interactions on the Reorganization Energy of Charge Transfer between Surface-Attached Dye MoleculesVaissier, V; Frost, JM; Barnes, PRF; Nelson, J
27-Jan-2017The impact of shale gas on the cost and feasibility of meeting climate targets - a global energy system model analysis and an exploration of uncertaintiesFew, SPM; Gambhir, A; Napp, T; Hawkes, A; Mangeon, S, et al