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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Sep-2015Elastodynamic image forces on dislocationsGurrutxaga Lerma, B; Balint, DANIEL; Dini, DANIELE; Sutton, AP
11-Jan-2012Broadband Light Harvesting Nanostructures Robust to Edge BluntnessLuo, Y; Lei, DY; Maier, SA; Pendry, JB
4-Apr-2013Analytic theory of optical nanoplasmonic metamaterialsDemetriadou, A; Hess, O
5-Aug-2016Single-electron induced surface plasmons on a topological nanoparticleSiroki, G; Lee, DKK; Haynes, PD; Giannini, V; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, et al
28-Sep-2018Interaction of an Archimedean spiral structure with orbital angular momentum lightGiannini, V; Maier, S; Xiao, X; Oh, S; Reiter, D, et al
11-Jan-2018Broadband tunable THz absorption with singular graphene metasurfacesGaliffi, E; Pendry, JB; Huidobro, PA; Commission of the European Communities; Commission of the European Communities, et al
18-Oct-2017Suppressed quenching and strong-coupling of Purcell-enhanced single-molecule emission in plasmonic nanocavitiesKongsuwan, N; Demetriadou, A; Chikkaraddy, R; Benz, F; Turek, VA, et al
28-Jul-2018Local normal modes and lattice dynamicsNasrollahi, H; Vvedensky, DD
31-Mar-2016Calculation of the current response in a nanojunction for an arbitrary time-dependent bias: application to the molecular wireMacKinnon, A; Ridley, M; Kantorovich, L
3-Aug-2016Theory of Raman response in three-dimensional Kitaev spin liquids: Application to beta- and gamma-Li2IrO3 compounds (vol 92, 094439, 2015)Perreault, B; Knolle, J; Perkins, NB; Burnell, FJ