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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Feb-2017Decoupling absorption and emission processes in super-resolution localisation of emitters in a plasmonic hotspotMack; Cortes; Giannini; Torok; Roschuk, et al
12-Aug-2015Theory of the deformation of aligned polyethyleneHammad, A; Swinburne, TD; Hasan, H; Del Rosso, S; Lannucci, L, et al
2-Mar-2016Response to commentary by MorawiecSutton, AP
25-Nov-2015Generalised Sandpile Dynamics on Artificial and Real-World Directed NetworksZachariou, N; Expert, P; Takayasu, M; Christensen, K
22-Jul-2016The origin of incipient ferroelectricity in lead tellurideJiang, MP; Trigo, M; Savic, I; Fahy, S; Murray, ED, et al
25-Apr-2011Ants in a labyrinth: A statistical mechanics approach to the division of labourRichardson, TO; Christensen, K; Franks, NR; Jensen, HJ; Sendova-Franks, AB
11-Sep-2014Optical Activity Enhanced by Strong Inter-molecular Coupling in Planar Chiral MetamaterialsKim, T-T; Oh, SS; Park, H-S; Zhao, R; Kim, S-H, et al
9-Sep-2015The five-dimensional parameter space of grain boundariesSutton, AP; Banks, EP; Warwick, AR
6-Dec-2014Homological scaffolds of brain functional networksPetri, G; Expert, P; Turkheimer, F; Carhart-Harris, R; Nutt, D, et al
17-Feb-2014Novel spectral features of nanoelectromechanical systemsTahir, M; MacKinnon, A; Schwingenschlogl, U