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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2016Hubbard-like Hamiltonians for interacting electrons in s, p, and d orbitalsCoury, MEA; Dudarev, SL; Foulkes, WMC; Horsfield, AP; Ma, P-W, et al
15-Dec-2003Quantum Monte Carlo investigations of density functional theory of the strongly inhomogeneous electron gasNekovee, M; Foulkes, WMC; Needs, RJ
15-Aug-1999Symmetry constraints and variational principles in diffusion quantum Monte Carlo calculations of excited-state energiesWMC, F; Hood, RQ; Needs, RJ
12-Aug-2015The mechanisms governing the activation of dislocation sources in aluminum at different strain ratesGurrutxaga Lerma, BENAT; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP
18-Apr-2016Resonant squeezing and the anharmonic decay of coherent phononsFahy, S; Murray, ED; Reis, DA
6-Sep-2016Dynamical calculation of third harmonic generation in a semiconductor quantum wellGuazzotti, S; Pusch, A; Reiter, D; Hess, O
24-Apr-2017Partition-free theory of time-dependent current correlations in nanojunctions in response to an arbitrary time-dependent biasRidley, M; MacKinnon, A; Kantorovich, L
21-Dec-2016Cooperative Jahn-Teller phase transition of icosahedral molecular unitsNasrollahi, SH; Vvedensky, DD
5-Dec-2017Linear ultrafast dynamics of plasmon and magnetic resonances in nanoparticlesLazzarini, CM; Tadzio, L; Fitzgerald, JM; Sanchez-Gil, JA; Giannini, V
5-Jul-2016Transformation Optics: A Time- and Frequency-Domain Analysis of Electron-Energy Loss Spectroscopy.Kraft, M; Luo, Y; Pendry, JB