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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Mar-2018Majorana representations of spin and an alternative solution of the Kitaev honeycomb modelFu, J; Knolle, J; Perkins, NB
30-Apr-2018Dynamics of a quantum spin liquid beyond integrability $-$ the Kitaev-Heisenberg-$Γ$ model in an augmented parton mean-field theoryKnolle, J; Bhattacharjee, S; Moessner, R
-A Field Guide to Spin LiquidsKnolle, J; Moessner, R
12-Sep-2018Quantum Oscillations and Magnetoresistance in Type-II Weyl Semimetals - Effect of a Field Induced Charge Density WaveTrescher, M; Bergholtz, EJ; Knolle, J
-Bond disordered spin liquid and the honeycomb iridate H$_3$LiIr$_2$O$_6$ $-$ abundant low energy density of states from random Majorana hoppingKnolle, J; Moessner, R; Perkins, NB
-Slow growth of entanglement and out-of-time-order correlators in integrable disordered systemsMcGinley, M; Nunnenkamp, A; Knolle, J
3-Aug-2016Theory of Raman response in three-dimensional Kitaev spin liquids: Application to beta- and gamma-Li2IrO3 compounds (vol 92, 094439, 2015)Perreault, B; Knolle, J; Perkins, NB; Burnell, FJ
20-Oct-2017Physics of the Kitaev model: fractionalization, dynamical correlations, and material connectionsHermanns, M; Kimchi, I; Knolle, J
4-Apr-2016Proximate Kitaev quantum spin liquid behaviour in a honeycomb magnetBanerjee, A; Bridges, CA; Yan, J-Q; Aczel, AA; Li, L, et al
26-Sep-2016Resonant Raman scattering theory for Kitaev models and their Majorana fermion boundary modesPerreault, B; Knolle, J; Perkins, NB; Burnell, FJ