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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Oct-2016Ab Initio Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of the Warm Dense Electron Gas in the Thermodynamic LimitDornheim, T; Groth, S; Sjostrom, T; Malone, FD; Foulkes, WMC, et al
1-Jan-2001Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of solidsFoulkes, WMC; Mitas, L; Needs, RJ; Rajagopal, G
1-Apr-2011Quantum mechanical simulations of electronic stopping in metalsMason, DR; Race, CP; Foulkes, WMC; Finnis, MW; Horsfield, AP, et al
30-Jan-2010Aiding the design of radiation resistant materials with multiphysics simulations of damage processesRace, CP; Mason, DR; le Page, J; Finnis, MW; Foulkes, WMC, et al
18-Feb-2004Coulomb finite-size effects in quasi-two-dimensional systemsWood, B; Foulkes, WMC; Towler, MD; Drummond, ND
16-Jul-2001Quantum Monte Carlo analysis of exchange and correlation in the strongly inhomogeneous electron gasNekovee, M; Foulkes, WMC; Needs, RJ
5-Jul-2007Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the surface energy of an electron gasWood, B; Hine, NDM; Foulkes, WMC; Garcia-Gonzalez, P
28-Apr-1997Quantum Monte Carlo investigation of exchange and correlation in siliconHood, RQ; Chou, MY; Williamson, AJ; Rajagopal, G; Needs, RJ, et al
30-Sep-2002Ab initio calculations of the cohesive energy and the bulk modulus of aluminiumGaudoin, R; Foulkes, WMC; Rajagopal, G
31-Oct-2007Electronic damping of atomic dynamics in irradiation damage of metalsMason, DR; le Page, J; Race, CP; Foulkes, WMC; Finnis, MW, et al