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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2016A dynamic discrete dislocation plasticity study of elastodynamic shielding of stationary cracksGurrutxaga Lerma, B; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP
-Invited reply to the Comment by A MorawiecSutton, AP
12-Aug-2015Theory of the deformation of aligned polyethyleneHammad, A; Swinburne, TD; Hasan, H; Del Rosso, S; Lannucci, L, et al
2-Mar-2016Response to commentary by MorawiecSutton, AP
6-Dec-2016Molecular simulation of gas solubility in nitrile butadiene rubberKhawaja, M; Sutton, AP; Mostofi, AA
24-Nov-2016Multiscale molecular simulations of the formation and structure of polyamide membranes created by interfacial polymerizationMuscatello, J; Muller, EA; Mostofi, AA; Sutton, A
12-Aug-2015The mechanisms governing the activation of dislocation sources in aluminum at different strain ratesGurrutxaga Lerma, BENAT; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP
31-Mar-2016Calculation of the current response in a nanojunction for an arbitrary time-dependent bias: application to the molecular wireMacKinnon, A; Ridley, M; Kantorovich, L
14-Oct-2016The injection of a screw dislocation into a crystal: atomistics vs. continuum elastodynamicsJonas Verschueren; Gurrutxaga Lerma, B; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP
8-Apr-2016Directed Abelian sandpile with multiple downward neighborsDhar, D; Pruessner, G; Expert, P; Christensen, K; Zachariou, N