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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2018Direct measurement of anharmonic decay channels of a coherent phononTeitelbaum, SW; Henighan, T; Huang, Y; Liu, H; Mason, PJ, et al
28-Sep-2018Interaction of an Archimedean spiral structure with orbital angular momentum lightGiannini, V; Maier, S; Xiao, X; Oh, S; Reiter, D, et al
4-Nov-2018Metasurfaces atop metamaterials: surface morphology induces linear dichroism in gyroid optical metamaterialsDolan, JA; Dehmel, R; Demetriadou, A; Gu, Y; Wiesner, U, et al
2-Oct-2018Instabilities of high speed dislocationsVerschueren, J; Gurrutxaga-Lerma, B; Balint, D; Sutton, A; Dini, D
21-Nov-2018Phase-field method for epitaxial kinetics on surfacesPosthuma de Boer, J; Ford, IJ; Kantorovich, L; Vvedensky, DD