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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Bioactive materials that promote wound healing (via the hypoxia pathway)Stapountzi, Margarita-Antonia
2010Bioactive Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering.Farouz, Yohan
2012A Biomechanical Algorithm for the Fixation of Prosthetics in SportMoonlight, John
2010The biophysics of resistance generation by extracellular matrix: Studies in tissuePetitguillaume, Alice
2012Branched Copolymer Nanoparticle Conjugates for Targeted Drug DeliverySuljic, Mirt
2008Cell nanostructure interactions evaluated by electron microscopyKoiakou, Iro
2012Cellular uptake of neutral oligonucleotide analogues using microbubblesDonohoe, Sandra
2014Characterisation of the Interface of Neurons and Conductive Polymers for Neural Tissue EngineeringHsu, Chia-Chen (Jane)
2007Characterization of a Receiver Device, F2620: Protocol Modeling and OptimizationZhou, Wenhua
2006Characterization of Peptide-Gold Nanoparticles HydrogelsSun, Qi
2006Clinical & Economical Assessment of Cervical Cancer Vaccine (HPV 16/18) In The United KingdomAlTaie, Amer
2006A clinical and cost-effectiveness evaluation of proton therapy in cancer treatmentBalkizas, Thomas
2012Co-analysis of resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging for correlation of default mode network and ultra-structural deficit in posterior cortical atrophyGiapitzakis, Ioannis
2008A Computational Model to Simulate Generalization of Position, Velocity and Time in Human Motor LearningKoropouli, Vasliki
2015Computational simulations of the cerebellum in motor adaptation paradigm using large-scale spiking neuronsWu, Yufei
2008Computer-based multi-sensorial environment for anatomy teaching: Dynamic modelling of the rib cage anatomy during respirationJacob, Mathieu
2008Computer-based multi-sensorial environment for anatomy teaching: The brachial plexus nerves modelTzaprenko, Samy
2006Computer-based RadioStereometric Analysis in Assessment of Shoulder SurgeryDurant, Jerome
2012Deep brain stimulation induced electric field influences on neuronal populationsGolden, Caroline
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 179
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