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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
20082008-Biophysics of Phagocytosisvan Berleere, Marine
20083 Dimensional modeling of pedunculopontne nucleus and visualization of depth electric field in the modelThekkeyil Kunnath, Abishek
20123-D study of the influence of speed on scapula kinematicsVillette, Claire
2005Acoustic Noise Exposure during a Magnetic Resonance Imaging ScanAllard, Pierre
2010Advanced analysis of secondary flow patterns in 3D vasculatureAuclair, Colin
2006Algorithms for breathing rate and apnoea predictionLaurent, Frederic
2012Analysis of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Images for Quantification of Blood Flow in the Carotid Artery WallMavropoulos, Nikolaos
2012Analysis of multivariate neural spike train using information theoryCui, Nanyi
2006Analysis of Pressure-Flow in Arterial TreesPark, Change Sub
2006Analysis of Two Photon Calcium Imaging Data: Cell Detection and Spike Detection AlgorithmsPost-Uiterweer, Arthur J
2008The angiogenic response to novel hypoxia mimicking 2008-Bioactive glassesRuiz Zapata, Alejandra
2008Antibacterial abilities of silver nanoparticles and proteomic analysis of silver-resistant mutants of XL1-Red mutator strainCho, Young-June
2006Application and improvement of an online microdialysis assay to study brain metabolismFeuerstein, Delphine
2007Application of reservoir-wave theory in in-vivo human arterial pressure measurementsLeibovich, Debora
2007Assessment of Mitral Valve Structure Using 3D Transthoracic EchocardiographyDong, Li Cecilia
2008Assessment of the spatial resolution of an MRI scanner by direct analysis of the edge response functionXanthis, Christos
2008Atlas-based three dimensional models for the thalamus and the subthalamic nucleus for deep brain stimulationFrancastel, Anne
2007Automated analysis of human neurointensive care dataLe Floch, Edith
2012Bio-Functionalization of Polymers for Tissue Engineering Through Controlled Radical Polymerization TechniquesPodhorska, Lucia
2012Bioactive glass scaffold for bone regeneration with gel-casting foamingPerdika, Polytimi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 179
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