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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014Individual and Organizational Effects of Knowledge Production: A Multi-Level StudyGeorge, Gerard; Schillebeeckx, Simon J.D.; Imperial College London
Oct-2013Return Predictability and Optimal Portfolio Choice: Evidence from Commodity and Global Futures MarketsKosowski, Robert; Distaso, Walter; Ahmerkamp, Jan; Imperial College London
Mar-2014Earnings persistence and the value premiumDavid, McCarthy; James, Sefton; Reibel, Andres; Imperial College London
Jan-2014Accounting for behaviours and context in evaluations of complex health interventionsBarlow, James; Bayer, Steffen; Cravo Oliveira, Tiago; Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia; Imperial College London, et al
Nov-2013Social media and their impact on organisations: building Firm Celebrity and organisational legitimacy through social mediaMarkus, Perkmann; Phillips, Nelson; Bria, Francesca; Imperial College London
Dec-2012Organising innovation management in emerging sustainable urban marketsDavies, Andrew; Wu, Yijiang; Imperial College London
Jan-2016Essays in financial economicsBiffis, Enrico; Lepore, Caterina; Imperial College London
Jan-2015Nostalgia and ethnocentric product preferencesMaciejovsky, Boris; Dimitriadou, Marika; Imperial College London
Mar-2017Three essays in financial economics: systemic risk, pension economics and income inequalityIbragimov, Rustam; Biffis, Enrico; Sun, Jingjing; Imperial College London; International Monetary Fund, et al
Apr-2017Post-crisis banking in the USKacperczyk, Marcin; Kosowski, Robert; Neumann, Niklas; Imperial College London