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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2015Sleep apnoea and the brain: a complex relationship.Rosenzweig, I; Glasser, M; Polsek, D; Leschziner, GD; Williams, SC, et al
1-Apr-2010Effect of p38 MAPK inhibition on corticosteroid suppression of cytokine release in severe asthmaBhavsar, P; Khorasani, N; Hew, M; Johnson, M; Chung, KF
2-Nov-1998Mechanisms of acute eosinophil mobilization from the bone marrow stimulated by interleukin 5: The role of specific adhesion molecules and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinasePalframan, RT; Collins, PD; Severs, NJ; Rothery, S; Williams, TJ, et al
1-Apr-1990Detection of lipocortin 1 in human lung lavage fluid: lipocortin degradation as a possible proteolytic mechanism in the control of inflammatory mediators and inflammationSmith, SF; Tetley, TD; Guz, A; Flower, RJ
1-May-2010Defective macrophage phagocytosis of bacteria in COPDTaylor, AE; Finney-Hayward, TK; Quint, JK; Thomas, CMR; Tudhope, SJ, et al
18-Nov-2015Modulation of human macrophage responses to mycobacterium tuberculosis by silver nanoparticles of different size and surface modificationSarkar, S; Leo, BF; Carranza, C; Chen, S; Rivas-Santiago, C, et al
9-Apr-2009Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) isoform expression and activity in human and murine lung injuryMedford, ARL; Douglas, SK; Godinho, SIH; Uppington, KM; Armstrong, L, et al
1-Dec-1995Effect of dexamethasone on carrageenin-induced inflammation in the lungSmith, SF; Benjamin, A; Dewar, A; Sheppard, M; Fox, B, et al
1-May-2009Suppression of GATA-3 Nuclear Import and Phosphorylation: A Novel Mechanism of Corticosteroid Action in Allergic DiseaseManeechotesuwan, K; Yao, X; Ito, K; Jazrawi, E; Usmani, OS, et al
1-Dec-1997Susceptibility of lung epithelium to neutrophil elastase: protection by native inhibitorsBingle, L; Richards, RJ; Fox, B; Masek, L; Guz, A, et al