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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2017Healthcare worker influenza vaccination and sickness absence - an ecological study.Pereira, M; Williams, S; Restrick, L; Cullinan, P; Hopkinson, NS, et al
20-Dec-2016Endobronchial valves for patients with heterogeneous emphysema and without interlobar collateral ventilation – open label treatment following the BeLieVeR-HIFi studyHopkinson, NS; Polkey; Shah, P; Hind; National Institute for Health Research
10-Jun-2016Depression symptoms reduce physical activity in COPD patients: a prospective multicenter studyDueñas-Espín, I; Demeyer, H; Gimeno-Santos, E; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS, et al
15-Aug-2016Survival after endobronchial valve placement for emphysema: a 10-Year follow-up studyGarner, J; Kemp, SV; Toma, TP; Hansell, DM; Polkey, MI, et al
1-Jul-2017Putative Mechanisms of Action of Endobronchial CoilsPalamidas, AF; Kemp, SV; Shen, M; McNulty, W; Zoumot, Z, et al
1-Jan-2012Downregulation of the serum response factor/miR-1 axis in the quadriceps of patients with COPDLewis, A; Riddoch-Contreras, J; Natanek, SA; Donaldson, A; Man, WD-C, et al
1-Jan-2012Designing and implementing a COPD discharge care bundleHopkinson, NS; Englebretsen, C; Cooley, N; Kennie, K; Lim, M, et al
30-Apr-2016Can health status questionnaires be used as a measure of physical activity in COPD patients?Demeyer, H; Dueñas-Espín, I; De Jongh, C; Louvaris, Z; Hornikx, M, et al
5-Jan-2016Increased expression of H19/miR-675 is associated with a low fat free mass index in patients with COPDLewis, A; Donaldson, AV; Natanek, SA; Vaidyanathan, S; Man, WDC, et al
1-Mar-2017ACE and response to pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD: two observational studiesKon, SSC; Jolley, CJ; Shrikrishna, D; Montgomery, HE; Skipworth, JRA, et al