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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2014Vastus Lateralis Fiber Shift Is an Independent Predictor of Mortality in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseasePatel, MS; Natanek, SA; Stratakos, G; Pascual, S; Martinez-Llorens, J, et al
2-Aug-2014Evidence of mycobacterial disease in COPD patients with lung volume reduction surgery; the importance of histological assessment of specimens: a cohort studyChar, A; Hopkinson, NS; Hansell, DM; Nicholson, AG; Shaw, EC, et al
1-Sep-2014Does a single Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolation predict COPD mortality?Boutou, AK; Raste, Y; Reid, J; Alshafi, K; Polkey, MI, et al
12-May-2015Influenza vaccination for NHS staff: attitudes and uptake.Shrikrishna, D; Williams, S; Restrick, L; Hopkinson, NS
4-Dec-2013Child uptake of smoking by area across the UKHopkinson, NS; Lester-George, A; Ormiston-Smith, N; Cox, A; Arnott, D
11-Jun-2015The PROactive instruments to measure physical activity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Gimeno-Santos, E; Raste, Y; Demeyer, H; Louvaris, Z; de Jong, C, et al
1-Jul-2015Lung Volume Reduction in Emphysema Improves Chest Wall AsynchronyZoumot, Z; LoMauro, A; Aliverti, A; Nelson, C; Ward, S, et al
4-Feb-2015Use and abuse of statistics in tobacco industry-funded research on standardised packagingLaverty, AA; Diethelm, P; Hopkinson, NS; Watt, HC; McKee, M
29-Dec-2015Growth differentiation factor-15 is associated with muscle mass in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and promotes muscle wasting in vivoPatel, MS; Lee, J; Baz, M; Wells, CE; Bloch, S, et al
1-Jul-2016UK government should fund stop smoking media campaigns not give tax breaks to films with smoking imageryHopkinson, NS; Millett, C; Glantz, S; Arnott, D; McNeill, A