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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016Endobronchial valves as a treatment for emphysema. Moving out of the shadow of lung volume reduction surgeryHopkinson, NS; National Institute for Health Research
20-Dec-2016Endobronchial valves for patients with heterogeneous emphysema and without interlobar collateral ventilation – open label treatment following the BeLieVeR-HIFi studyHopkinson, NS; Polkey; Shah, P; Hind; National Institute for Health Research
5-Jan-2016Increased expression of H19/miR-675 is associated with a low fat free mass index in patients with COPDLewis, A; Donaldson, AV; Natanek, SA; Vaidyanathan, S; Man, WDC, et al
1-Aug-2017Longitudinal follow-up of quadriceps strength and function in a COPD cohort after 3 yearsButtery, SC; Mohan, D; Fisk, M; Hopkinson, NS; Tal-Singer, R, et al
26-Aug-2019The lay health worker-patient relationship in promoting pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) in COPD: What makes it work?Gilworth, G; Lewin, S; Wright, AJ; Taylor, SJ; Tuffnell, R, et al