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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2018Lung cells from people with COPD are hyper responsive to e-cigarette vapourBozier, J; Xenaki, D; Adcock, I; Oliver, B
13-May-2016COPD immunopathologyCaramori, G; Casolari, P; Barczyk, A; Durham, AL; Di Stefano, A, et al
19-Aug-2016Bromodomain inhibitors reverse inflammation and disease features in experimental chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseJones, B; Harrison, C; Dua, K; Hsu, A; Starkey, M, et al
5-Jan-2016Hydrogen Sulfide Prevents and Partially Reverses Ozone-induced Feature of Lung Inflammation and Emphysema in Mice.Li, F; Zhang, P; Zhang, M; Liang, L; Sun, X, et al
1-Apr-2017Role of Epigenetics in the Pathogenesis of AsthmaAlizadeh, Z; Mortaz, E; Adcock, I; Moin, M; Commission of the European Communities
19-May-2017Comparison between bronchial and nasal brushings gene expression in the u-biopred cohortPavlidis, S; Guo, Y; Sun, K; Rossios, C; Rowe, A, et al
19-May-2017Bromodomain and extra-terminal (bet) proteins regulate the oxidant-antioxidant balance in airway smooth muscle cells from patients with COPDMichaeloudes, C; Mumby, S; Chung, KF; Adcock, I; Dunhill Medical Trust
23-Apr-2018Unusual fungal infection in adults chronic granulomatous diseasesMortaz, E; Garssen, J; Roos, D; Adcock, I; Tabarsi, P, et al
19-May-20173-D organoid model Of COPD senescenceGuney, TG; Mumby, S; Chung, KF; Dowling, M; Adcock, I, et al
1-May-2017The future of asthma research and development: a roadmap from the European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership (EARIP)Masefield, S; Edwards, J; Hansen, K; Hamerlijnck, D; Lisspers, K, et al