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14-Jun-2015Bronchial epithelial cells: The key effector cells in the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?Gao, W; Li, L; Wang, Y; Zhang, S; Adcock, IM, et al
1-Mar-1994Eotaxin: a potent eosinophil chemoattractant cytokine detected in a guinea pig model of allergic airways inflammation.Jose, PJ; Griffiths-Johnson, DA; Collins, PD; Walsh, DT; Moqbel, R, et al
12-Jul-2016Imbalance of endogenous prostanoids in moderate-to-severe asthmaTakemura, M; Niimi, A; Matsumoto, H; Ueda, T; Yamaguchi, M, et al
4-Feb-2015Reversal of corticosteroid insensitivity by p38 MAPK inhibition in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from COPDKhorasani, N; Baker, J; Johnson, M; Chung, KF; Bhavsar, PK
6-Dec-2014Increased phenotypic differentiation and reduced corticosteroid sensitivity of fibrocytes in severe asthmaLo, C-Y; Michaeloudes, C; Bhavsar, PK; Huang, C-D; Wang, C-H, et al
1-Feb-2016Bridging the gap between science and clinical efficacy: physiology, imaging, and modeling of aerosols in the lungDarquenne, C; Fleming, JS; Katz, I; Martin, AR; Schroeter, J, et al
22-Dec-2015Simvastatin suppresses airway IL-17 and upregulates IL-10 in patients with stable COPDAdcock, IM; Barnes, PJ; Maneechotesuwan, K; Wongkajornsilp, A
6-Jun-2014Extrafine beclomethasone/formoterol in severe COPD patients with history of exacerbationsWedzicha, JA; Singh, D; Vestbo, J; Paggiaro, PL; Jones, PW, et al
17-Sep-2015Adaptive Servo-Ventilation for Central Sleep Apnea in Systolic Heart FailureCowie, MR; Woehrle, H; Wegscheider, K; Angermann, C; D'Ortho, M-P, et al
9-Jun-2014Long non-coding RNAs and enhancer RNAs regulate the lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response in human monocytesIiott, NE; Heward, JA; Roux, B; Tsitsiou, E; Fenwick, PS, et al