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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2010Co-ordinated Role of TLR3, RIG-I and MDA5 in the Innate Response to Rhinovirus in Bronchial EpitheliumSlater, L; Bartlett, NW; Haas, JJ; Zhu, J; Message, SD, et al
1-Sep-2008Modulation of cholinergic contractions of airway smooth muscle by cathinone: potential beneficial effects in airway diseasesFreund-Michel, VC; Birrell, MA; Patel, HJ; Murray-Lyon, IM; Belvisi, MG
1-Jun-2010House dust mite induces direct airway inflammation in vivo: implications for future disease therapy?De Alba, J; Raemdonck, K; Dekkak, A; Collins, M; Wong, S, et al
15-Nov-2009Prostaglandin E-2 Mediates Cough via the EP3 Receptor Implications for Future Disease TherapyMaher, SA; Birrell, MA; Belvisi, MG
1-Dec-2009TRPA1 Agonists Evoke Coughing in Guinea Pig and Human VolunteersBirrell, MA; Belvisi, MG; Grace, M; Sadofsky, L; Faruqi, S, et al
1-Mar-2013Epigenome-wide association study in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Turin) identifies novel genetic loci associated with smokingShenker, NS; Polidoro, S; van Veldhoven, K; Sacerdote, C; Ricceri, F, et al
1-Oct-2012Transient receptor potential channels mediate the tussive response to prostaglandin E-2 and bradykininGrace, M; Birrell, MA; Dubuis, E; Maher, SA; Belvisi, MG
2-Aug-2014TLR4 activation induces IL-1 beta release via an IPAF dependent but caspase 1/11/8 independent pathway in the lungEltom, S; Belvisi, MG; Yew-Booth, L; Dekkak, B; Maher, SA, et al
11-Jan-2016Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 4 (TRPV4) and airway, sensory afferent activation: role of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)Belvisi, MG; Medical Research Council (MRC); Medical Research Council (MRC); Imperial Innovations Ltd; North West Lung Centre
5-Jul-2017ATP and cough reflex hypersensitivity: a confusion of goals?Belvisi, MG; Smith, JA