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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2015Reversal of corticosteroid insensitivity by p38 MAPK inhibition in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from COPDKhorasani, N; Baker, J; Johnson, M; Chung, KF; Bhavsar, PK
1-Feb-2016Bridging the gap between science and clinical efficacy: physiology, imaging, and modeling of aerosols in the lungDarquenne, C; Fleming, JS; Katz, I; Martin, AR; Schroeter, J, et al
20-Jan-2016Possible role of Krüppel-like factor 5 in the remodeling of small airways and pulmonary vessels in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAbe, K; Sugiura, H; Hashimoto, Y; Ichikawa, T; Koarai, A, et al
6-Jun-2014Extrafine beclomethasone/formoterol in severe COPD patients with history of exacerbationsWedzicha, JA; Singh, D; Vestbo, J; Paggiaro, PL; Jones, PW, et al
1-Dec-2015Relationship between pulmonary exacerbations and daily physical activity in adults with cystic fibrosisSavi, D; Simmonds, N; Di Paolo, M; Quattrucci, S; Palange, P, et al
20-Mar-2017Systematic review of lung function and COPD with peripheral blood DNA methylation in population based studiesMachin, M; Amaral, AFS; Wielscher, M; Rezwan, FI; Imboden, M, et al
19-Jul-2016Pulmonary effects of inhalation of spark-generated silver nanoparticles in Brown-Norway and Sprague-Dawley ratsSeiffert, J; Buckley, A; Leo, B; Zhu, J; Hussain, F, et al
15-Feb-2016Klotho and smoking – An interplay influencing the skeletal muscle function deficits that occur in COPDPatel, MS; Donaldson, AV; Lewis, A; Natanek, SA; Lee, JY, et al
4-Sep-2015Bronchoabsorption; a novel bronchoscopic technique to improve biomarker sampling of the airwayLeaker, BR; Nicholson, GC; Ali, FY; Daudi, N; O'Connor, BJ, et al
10-Jun-2016Depression symptoms reduce physical activity in COPD patients: a prospective multicenter studyDueñas-Espín, I; Demeyer, H; Gimeno-Santos, E; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS, et al