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26-Apr-2017Circulating miRNAs from imprinted genomic regions are associated with peripheral muscle strength in COPD patientsLee, J; Donaldson, AV; Lewis, A; Natanek, A; Polkey, et al
1-May-2017Perspectives of patients and healthcare professionals on mHealth for asthma self-managementSimpson, AJ; Honkoop, PJ; Kennington, E; Snoeck-Stroband, JB; Smith, I, et al
1-Nov-2017What Should Be the Cutoff Value of Blood Eosinophilia as a Predictor of Inhaled ReplyRoche, N; Chapman, KR; Vogelmeier, CF; Herth, FJF; Thach, C, et al
1-May-2017Addressing unmet needs in understanding asthma mechanismsEdwards, MR; Saglani, S; Schwarze, J; Skevaki, C; Smith, JA, et al
15-Sep-2018Opsonic phagocytosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is enhanced by Nrf2 agonistsBewley, M; Budd, R; Ryan, E; Cole, J; Collini, P, et al
1-Feb-2018Increased respiratory neural drive and work of breathing in exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction.Walsted, ES; Faisal, A; Jolley, CJ; Swanton, LL; Pavitt, MJ, et al
18-Oct-2018Reply to: Different background, short duration, inappropriate participants may harm your conclusionChapman, KR; Hurst, JR; Fogel, RB; Pfister, P; Kostikas, K, et al
23-May-2017Bronchial inflammation and bacterial load in stable COPD is associated with TLR4 overexpressionDi Stefano, A; Ricciardolo, FLM; Caramori, G; Adcock, IM; Chung, KF, et al
14-Nov-2017Phenotypic characteristics associated with slow gait speed in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisNolan, CM; Maddocks, M; Maher, TM; Canavan, JL; Jones, SE, et al
4-Oct-2018Breaking news: DNA damage and repair pathways in COPD and implications for pathogenesis and treatmentAdcock, IM; Mumby, S; Caramori, G