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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2017miR-542 promotes mitochondrial dysfunction and SMAD activity and is raised in ICU Acquired WeaknessFarre garros; Paul, R; Connolly, M; Lewis, A; Natanek, SA, et al
29-Aug-2018Increased COPD exacerbations of likely viral etiology follow elevated ambient NOxPfeffer, PE; Donaldson, GC; Mackay, AJ; Wedzicha, JA
1-Sep-2018Asthma: upcoming themed issueWedzicha, JA; Martinez, FD
1-Aug-2017Longitudinal follow-up of quadriceps strength and function in a COPD cohort after 3 yearsButtery, SC; Mohan, D; Fisk, M; Hopkinson, NS; Tal-Singer, R, et al
7-Sep-2018Correction: Suppression of GATA-3 nuclear import and phosphorylation: a novel mechanism of corticosteroid action in allergic diseaseManeechotesuwan, K; Yao, X; Ito, K; Jazrawi, E; Usmani, OS, et al
9-Aug-2018Single-inhaler triple versus dual therapy in patients with COPDWedzicha, JA; Banerji, D; Kostikas, K
1-Jan-2014Novel engineered drug formulations of beta 2-agonist and corticosteroid reduce LPS-induced inflammation in a human monocytic cell line (thp-1)Khan, YM; Hakim, A; Down, G; Burns, J; Usmani, O
1-Apr-2018The Epworth sleepiness scale: minimum clinically important difference in obstructive sleep apneaPatel, S; Kon, S; Nolan, C; Barker, R; Simonds, A, et al