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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2016Up regulation of TLR4 expression in leukocytes of co-infected HIV/ TB patientsMortaz, E; Garssen, J; Marjani, M; Varahram, M; Velayati, AA, et al
13-May-2016Sputum transcriptomics identifies co-expressed network signatures associated with Fev1 and sputum neutrophilia in severe asthmatics on oral corticosteroidsKuo, CS; Pavlidis, S; Loza, M; Baribaud, F; Rowe, A, et al
13-May-2016Altered redox and metabolic status in airway smooth muscle cells of patients with COPDMichaeloudes, C; Kuo, C-H; Adcock, IM; Chung, KF
13-May-2016Development of a novel 3 dimensional organoid culture of the airway lumenGuney, TG; Danahay, H; Chung, F; Mumby, S; Dowling, M, et al
13-May-2016Increased neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) promotes airway remodeling in COPDYao, X; Wang, Y; Adcock, I; Barnes, PJ
30-Nov-2015The reproducibility and responsiveness of the lung clearance index in bronchiectasisGrillo, L; Irving, S; Hansell, DM; Nair, A; Annan, B, et al
15-Aug-2016Survival after endobronchial valve placement for emphysema: a 10-Year follow-up studyGarner, J; Kemp, SV; Toma, TP; Hansell, DM; Polkey, MI, et al
1-Apr-1990Type II pneumocytes in mixed cell culture of human lung: a light and electron microscopic studyBingle, L; Bull, TB; Fox, B; Guz, A; Richards, RJ, et al
1-Apr-1990Detection of lipocortin 1 in human lung lavage fluid: lipocortin degradation as a possible proteolytic mechanism in the control of inflammatory mediators and inflammationSmith, SF; Tetley, TD; Guz, A; Flower, RJ
2-Jun-2016Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition as an adjunct to pulmonary rehabilitation in COPDCurtis, KJ; Meyrick, VM; Mehta, B; Haji, GS; Li, K, et al