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1-Mar-2010Functional analysis of RNA structures present at the 3' extremity of the murine norovirus genome: the variable polypyrimidine tract plays a role in viral virulence.Bailey, D; Karakasiliotis, I; Vashist, S; Chung, LM; Reese, J, et al
1-Feb-2003HLA class II polymorphisms and susceptibility to recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.Gelder, CM; Williams, OM; Hart, KW; Wall, S; Williams, G, et al
1-Sep-2010Inhibition of the RNA polymerase III-mediated dsDNA-sensing pathway of innate immunity by vaccinia virus protein E3.Valentine, R; Smith, GL
15-May-2000Innate recognition of bacteria in human milk is mediated by a milk-derived highly expressed pattern recognition receptor, soluble CD14.Lab├ęta, MO; Vidal, K; Nores, JE; Arias, M; Vita, N, et al
9-Dec-2011Latent Epstein-Barr Virus Can Inhibit Apoptosis in B Cells by Blocking the Induction of NOXA Expression.Yee, J; White, RE; Anderton, E; Allday, MJ
10-Mar-2010Polypyrimidine tract binding protein functions as a negative regulator of feline calicivirus translation.Karakasiliotis, I; Vashist, S; Bailey, D; Abente, EJ; Green, KY, et al
5-Oct-2011A single amino acid in the HA of pH1N1 2009 influenza virus affects cell tropism in human airway epithelium, but not transmission in ferrets.van Doremalen, N; Shelton, H; Roberts, KL; Jones, IM; Pickles, RJ, et al
5-Sep-2007Structural insights into the transcriptional and translational roles of Ebp1.Monie, TP; Perrin, AJ; Birtley, JR; Sweeney, TR; Karakasiliotis, I, et al
1-Feb-2010Vaccinia protein F12 has structural similarity to kinesin light chain and contains a motor binding motif required for virion export.Morgan, GW; Hollinshead, M; Ferguson, BJ; Murphy, BJ; Carpentier, DC, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 9 of 9